JetCam® Truck Version

Our Truck Version allows you to work with 80 – 100 m 1/2″ hose. The Truck Version is particularly noteworthy as it makes turning from main into the sidelines possible, so they can be cleaned, inspected and recorded. Additionally, with a powerful enough pump, larger pipes (DN 500 and over) can also be pushed through and bent.

The control unit transmits images directly to your tablet via Wifi. Functions such as light regulation, tracking, measuring wheel, data recording and logging, battery status display and of course the corresponding software are all included in the system.

Plug and Play: Can be mounted directly on the existing reel.

Features at a glance:

  • Camera head
  • Steering part (including steering nozzle and cleaning nozzle)
  • 80-100m 1/2” hose, electronically assembled
  • Control unit
  • High performance Li-ion battery

Optional features:

  • Forward jetting nozzle
  • Rotation nozzle
  • Vibration nozzle


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