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Operational areas and benefits of JetCam:

  • Pipes from DN50-DN300
  • Underground piping
  • Main to side branch junctions
  • Preparation for inspection, reparation and leak detection
  • Hard to reach areas
  • Direct control of cleaning sequences
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Professional HD cleaning of municipal and private pipe systems from DN50-DN300.


Effortlessly master junctions and direction changes up to 90°


Discover the many advantages of visible cleaning sequences


Document cleaning sequences and condition monitoring as you work

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Jetcam 40 Pro
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Jetcam 40 Stand alone
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Jetcam 40 Truck Version
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CLEAN, inspect, manoeuvre and document all in one go

Say hello to Jetcam from Optronic- specifically designed for the cleaning and inspection of municipal and private pipe systems. With its impressive compactness, manoeuvrability and precision, JetCam effortlessly navigates both municipal and private pipe networks.

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JETCAM in action

JETCAM allows/enables visible cleaning of pipes with a nominal diameter from 50 to 300 mm. The controlled process can take place from both sides with entry possible through both inspection and private basement shafts. JETCAM makes light work of curves, junc-tions and T connections up to 90°. The device is steered to and from the house supply point via communal pipes, making the JETCAM is simple and easy to use.

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+Navigate junctions and direction changes with ease.
+Direct control of cleaning sequences saves time and resources.
+Avoid obstacles by steering around them instead of into them.
+Gain nearly 100% control of underground pipe networks.
+Identify unmarked piping
+Find and eliminate blockages through use of front jet nozzles

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As growing awareness for the environment and its ground water leads to more and more protective measures being put in place, drainage systems are undergoing increased levels of leak inspections. New maintenance regulations coming into force apply to both municipal and private household supply points. In both cases, the need to adhere to water conservation goals and meet growing demands for mindful and responsible handling of resources require efficient solutions.

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Our family owned business has been working in camera manufacturing and development for over 20 years. Our priority is our customers’ satisfaction- that’s why we work actively with our client base when de-veloping and testing our latest products. Not only do our systems offer you flexible, day-to-day pro-fessional solutions, they also open up new possibilities in pipe cleaning and inspection. Don’t just take it from us, find out for yourself! We look forward to hearing from you.

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„ At the beginning of all humanity is the water. At the beginning of all dignity, all health, all education, all development. “

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