JetCam® interchangeable nozzle set

The right nozzle for every application, with a live image of the cleaning process.
Compatible with all JetCam® systems with 1/2″ hose.
The modular design makes changing nozzles easy.
Nozzle case includes 6 nozzles, tools, steering part and nozzle cleaning set.

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Nozzle applications for professional and controlled cleaning processes:

  • 6 and 12 jet cleaning nozzle
    • mud deposits, stones and gravel
  • HRH rotation nozzle with thrust nozzles
    • removal of small roots, semi-hard limescale deposits and settled cement
  • KBR rotation nozzle with thrust nozzles
    • fat deposits and soap residue
  • Rotopuls nozzle with thrust nozzles
    • for hard deposits such as limescale and urine scale
  • Forward jet
    • for clearing blockages and small roots
  • DN 70 – 150, Min. 40 l/ min. at 100 bar

And why?
Cleaning by sight not only saves time, water and resources, but also allows for the timely detection of pipe damage!

HRH = Standard rotation nozzle, KBR = for fat deposits, Rotopuls = for hard deposits

You can find more information about nozzles for sewer and industrial cleaning from our partner: Enz Technik.